Quick Update regarding the Facebookpage namechange

Following the sitename-policies of Facebook, I want to give you a short heads-up regarding the upcoming changes. The current Facebookpage that is linked to the contents of this blog, is still named after my old project „NEKONIQUE“, which officially got discontinued under that title last month. The new sitename will be based on my own name – Cherylin respectively CHERY LIN – being the founder and author of this blog, whose articles and related media are constantly updated in said FB-feed.

So regarding the content of the page, the common postings about new blogarticles – as you know it right now – won‘t change at all. I‘ll still inform you about new entries, post photos and link everything related to the blog as usual, providing additional content from my social media channels like BTS footage, snapshots, videos and personal textentries. That way readers enjoy a wider range of content and gain easy access to all current projects mentioned in my blog.

If you didn’t already follow the Facebookpage feel free to leave a Like over the link in the sidebar as we’re always very happy to have you join the squad!

Foto: Karolina Grabowska
Editing: Chery

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  • Rodrik Emersson

    6. November 2018

    Thanks for the info, sounds good!


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