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In multifaceted articles you’ll find personal documentaries, videos and post-series, that provide exciting insights into my workflow and lifestyle as a filmmaker and otaku, enriched by interviews and photo-episodes with fellow creators of various branches. The topics are divided into “Creatives” for the realm of film, animation, illustration and art, “Nerdique” directed towards gaming, cosplay and nerd-culture, “Report” with narratives of creative events, reviews and entertaining storytimes and “Psyche” about mental and emotional analysis and sharing experiences.


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Behind the Mind

If you ever wondered how versatile artists of different areas manage their productivity, spawn new inspiration or work through creative blockage, this is the place for you! Learn what keeps them going, which challenges to prepare for and which tricks made it easier to achieve set goals.


As the title already suggests, a selection of my favorite links awaits you in this series to provide you with practical tools, collections, templates and tutorials. The internet offers countless little helpers to freely use for your jobs and hobbies – you just have to know where!


This section presents you witty nerds and their amazing projects regarding games, apps, comics and creative gadgets. Members of our “Geekleague” show you the coolest stuff away from mainstream and grant you a secret look behind the scenes!


Talented cosplayers, who create their very own costume from scratch, take us into the world of crafting, sewing and imagination with this series. Enjoy the visuals and interviews about handmade armor, unique clothes and original characters coming to life – truly iconique!

Filming Fridays

On occasional fridays, you can look forward to exclusive BTS material and insights all around my experiences with film and production. Let me take you to moviesets, animation projects and editing sessions, to expose creative approaches and challenges.

Throne of Games

Do you feel kinda overwhelmed by the vast amount of indigames to play on your phone or netbook and are hesitant to decide if they’d be even worth your time? Say no more! This section offers you spot-on reviews for gameplay, graphics, stories and funfactor!

Daily Level Up

Coming soon.


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What does CAENIQUE mean?

CAENIQUE is a creative take on the english word „scenic“ that describes the main theme of this site on several levels – behind the scenes, interviews with artists of the scene, cinematic work, lifestyle and goals to feel like every day is almost scenic!

When was the blog founded?

The project exists in its essential form since 2008. At that time it was a static homepage mostly about animation, DIY and otaku stuff, which I had to put on ice after 3 years of activity, due to a lack of time throughout school graduation and work. During my university time however, I was able to relaunch the newly designed blog in 2015, but later wasn’t happy with its approach and name anymore, so in 2018 we finally arrived were we are now.

How do you create the graphics and photos?

For photography and filming I use a Canon EOS 600D with three different lenses (18-55mm, 55-250mm and 10-20mm). The graphics for the blog, like banners, logos, concepts, etc, I design with Photoshop and Illustrator.